The Boiler Experts

Aquaheat Services know Boilers inside out and are experts at Servicing and Repairs, as well as providing high-quality Installation Services.

Aquaheat Services are professional, Gas Safe and OFTEC registered diagnosticians in Thatcham, Berkshire who specialise in quick, cost-effective boiler repairs.

Boiler Diagnostics

While other gas engineers shy away, we specialise in diagnostics on boilers with years of experience repairing almost every type of boiler, of every age, in almost every type of property from the smallest flats to the largest commercial premises.

Diagnostics are not a precise art, and the expansion of electronic controls on newer boilers makes the job both easier and more complicated. We are experts in finding the cause of the problem first time, every time. Aquaheat's Gas Safe and OFTEC registered diagnosticians can save you time and money when you need heating and hot water the most.

Boiler Repairs

Once our local Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers have diagnosed the fault with you boiler and identified what is needed we will provide a quotation to you. All our repair quotations are guaranteed to fix the identified problem and we always use original genuine parts.

If you go ahead with our quoted boiler repair following diagnosis, we will discount any diagnostic fee on the appliance so that all you pay for is the repair.

Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Aquaheat Services have decades of servicing and maintenance experience working on all makes and models of boilers, all fuel types, in all types of locations. We know that the key to reliability and longevity is to have your boiler regularly serviced by those who understand it best so that it can run perfectly throughout the rest of the year.

We can also check over pumps and radiators, inspect your controls, and even give you energy-efficiency, money-saving recommendations.

Commercial Servicing

At Aquaheat Services, our annual servicing and reactive maintenance processes are renowned for being meticulously planned and immaculately executed. Our specialist engineers are adept at working on commercial property, where employees and visitors rely on boilers, air handling units, or water heaters to keep them warm and productive.

We are dedicated to making sure that you can get on doing you job in comfort all year round.

Landlord Safety Certificates

As a Landlord you must get a gas safety check every year on all the appliances in you properties to thoroughly inspect your appliances and to protect your tenants.

At Aquaheat Services we aim to make your life as easy as possible; we provide reminders when your gas safety certificates are about to go out of date, we can arrange access directly with your tenants and we retain all certificates just in case you need them again in the future.

Gas Boiler Installations

Aquaheat Services' Gas Safe registered engineers work throughout Berkshire and have more than a decade of experience replacing all types of boilers with new, high-efficiency boilers.

Our installations can be as simple or as complicated as you need; we can simply replace your old boiler; or we can completely overhaul your controls installing smart weather compensating programmers, Spirotech dirt and air seperators, MagnaClean system protectors, CombiMate limescale protectors, and high-efficiency unvented hot water cylinders.

Viessmann Boiler Installations

Viessmann are one of the world's leading manufacturer's of Boilers and though less well-known in the UK they consistently recieve Which? Best Buy awards for their immense build-quality and reliabilty. Aquaheat Services highly recommend Viessmann Boilers and have come to find them a perfect choice for your home or business with built-in weather-compensation.

Aquaheat Services are fully trained Viessmann installers and can compliment your new Viessmann Boiler with advanced controls and features such as integration with ViCare App-control and ancilliary items such as low-loss headers, plates and cylinders.

Vaillant Boiler Installations

Vaillant are one of the UK's most popular boiler brands, consistently winning Which? Best Buy awards for their peerless quality, advanced features, and the respect of engineers. Working closely with Vaillant, Aquaheat Services can offer up to 10-year extended guarantees on boiler installations.

As experienced Vaillant installers, installing their boilers throughout Berkshire, we can also offer the full range of advanced energy-efficient controls that integrate perfectly with your new Vaillant Boiler such as the vSmart, the VRC700 and ambiSENSE controllers linked with Vaillant mixers and cylinders.

Oil Boiler Installations

Aquaheat Services' OFTEC registered engineers work throughout Berkshire and have more than a decade of experience replacing all types of oil boilers with new, high-efficiency burners.

Oil Boiler installations can be complex and they can be simple and we can cater for all options; we can directly replace your current Utility oil boiler for a newer model; we can move your current oil boiler from inside you house neatly to the outside of your house and we can even provide a complete upgrade of your commercial oil boiler with a new condensing model.

Bespoke Installations

Aquaheat Services thrive on complex installation challenges. Our highly experienced Engineers can take your requirements and ideas and turn them into specifications, providing detailed quotations so that your exact needs are adhered to. We can then undertake the installation within precise time constraints and to the highest quality standards.

Our bespoke boiler installations can include hydronic seperation, mulitple boilers, multiple zones or pumps, hot water return pumps, advanced control installations or a mixture of all to offer the perfect system for your needs.

Commercial Boiler Installations

Aquaheat Services specialise in commercial and industrial boiler installation. We recongise that no one wants to replace their commercial boiler but at some point it often becomes more cost effective to replace it with a new high-efficiency boiler to limit downtime and decrease fuel consumption.

A commercial boiler installation is a large expense and as such as will always complete a full survey to check over the ancillary equipment and make recommendations, with an initial assessment to identify the options and the scope of work.