Working with the Education Sector

From Schools to Universities, classrooms and student accomodation, guaranteeing smooth day-to-day running of learning environments is vital for our Clients and we thrive in taking care of these specialist environments.


Mechanical Services have never been more important within the Education Sector. With growing student numbers and increasing costs, students, their families, and teaching staff expect a service that creates an excellent environment to encourage development and learning, but which also achieves stringent sustainability goals and has a low lifecycle cost.

Meeting the expectations of these various groups requires innovation built on an understanding of their needs. From enchancing the student experience and saving costs, to meeting sustainability targets and collaboration with other institutions, we have the experience to develop and deliver bespoke facilities esrvices that meet and exceed students' requirements and allow our Clients to achieve their own goals.

Our specialities:

Aquaheat Services are dedicated to achieving Sustainability and supporting environmental responsibility and this is fundemental when it comes to the way we deliver services. We specialise in taking care of your educational buildings so that Teachers and Professors can concentrate on inspiring the next generation. We do everything from Plumbing to Gas to advanced Energy Services and we are experts in adopting innovative ways to make your buildings safer, greener and more efficient.

For more information on our services in the Education sector, feel free to browse our website or give us a call any time.

Three Hamworthy Boilers our Engineers have Serviced
Hamworthy Purewell boilers at a University that we have serviced for years.

Complete Solution

For institutions requiring support across a number of services, we can manage the full spectrum of Mechanical offerings through our administrative base including services supplied by our multi-talented team, or our specialised hand-selected and trusted sub-contractors. We can achieve significant time-savings by focusing administration and procurement through Aquaheat Services for greater productivity in service delivery and seamless management and reporting across every touch point. At the core of what we do remains helping you create a better experience for your Students, whether we are providing a single solution or a multi-faceted offering.

Our specialist, professional Engineers are engaged in the servicing and maintenance of all types of educational establishments from Primary Schools to Universities and everything in-between. We work closely with teachers, local authorities and Facilities Management organisations to udnerstand their needs and those of the students, to deliver first-class facilities that meet those needs.

Hoval Ultragas Boilers our Engineers have Serviced
Hoval Ultragas boilers at a School involve thorough Servicing, but are extremely reliable.

Why Choose Us

Equiping people with meaningful skills and qualifications is in everybody's interest, it is what we endeavour to do at Aquaheat Services with our Engineers and Staff. This calls for high-quality environments that support learning and generate maximum value. Aquaheat Services works to improve educational outcomes for pupils, staff and communities.

  • Our experience in delivering integrated facilities management
  • Our willingness to invest in new equipment
  • Our ability to apply innovation at every opportunity to reduce costs
  • Training multi-skilled teams to enhance productivity
  • Having the flexibility to meet changing needs

Most importantly, however, our Educational Clients see us as partners, working alongside their own Facilities Staff or Caretakers to enhance the student experience.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our PPM programmes for educational facilities have not only reduced maintenance costs, but also minimised incidents and breakdowns, closures due to downtime and risks for building users. We can also offer a full service approch, assisting management in creating business cases to replace recommended plant, demonstrating best-value solutions when, but only when, services become uneconomic and expensive to maintaain.

Our top quality planned maintenance programs include:

  • Full servicing to manufacturer's instructions and industry best-practice
  • Simple traffic-light system for risk classification
  • Evaluating performance against norms and environment
  • Full method statements for all works undertaken
  • Full reports available 24/7

Aquaheat Services is dedicated to providing its Clients with the tools to manage, understand, and improve the services on their Sites. We understand that many of our Commercial Clients are not facilities managers, and the task of managing the mechanical services within the building needs to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. is your single-point source for information about all the services we provide for you across your mechanical systems with a complete overview, as well as precise information about individual appliances.

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Emergency Response

Aquaheat Services know your site may only be open office hours, or it may be responsible for the accomodation of students 24-hours a day. When something happens you can be sure that our team of dedicated engineers are available at a moments' notice to get you operational again as soon as possible, and importantly, provide reports and recommendations that can help you remove the original risk from the system in the future.

Our response times will depend on your environment, but we can offer service levels as quick as 2-hour response to emergencies as part of a full servicing and maintenance contract.

A photograph of the landscape of one of our Sites in Reading
Our experienced Engineers can get to know your Site as well as you do, so that they can offer the service you need.


At Aquaheat Services, we have extensive experience working with both public and private schools and colleges. All our Engineers undergo full Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, or CRB) checks, wear Company uniform and carry our Gas Safe cards at all times so you know youy are in safe hands.

Find out more about the Disclosure and Barring Service

As a Servicing Client, you will have access to our Engineers' CRB documents at all times through, and these will be updated every two years. As Clients, you can request these documents from our Offices.


The educational sector is full of a vast arrange of differing types of Mechanical installations, but Aquaheat Services have experience with almost all from the smallest systems within old houses servicing dozens of students, to accomodation for private schools out of converted nursing homes, right up to Colleges, Universities, and Accomodation providers on campuses servicing thousands of students.

Call us for services across:

  • Nurseries
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Schools for Students with Special Needs
  • Colleges
  • Universities

For more information on our Education Sector services, feel free to browse our website or give us a call any time.