Working with the Leisure & Hospitality Sector

Our expertise in the leisure sector includes hotels, swimming pools, leisure centres, cinemas, theatres, museums and sports venues including racecourses and golf courses.

Leisure and Hospitality

At Aquaheat Services we understand that the leisure and hospitality sector requires a rapid, but flawless delivery of a range of services, with delays and defects not being an option. Our servicing teams can offer cost-effective solutions to daily challenges at your site throughout Reading and the Thames Valley.

With the extensive knowledge of our in-house talent, we can source sustainable materials, enhance maintenance schedules, and assist in reducing your carbon footprint all while maximising business continuity and reducing operational costs on site.

Our specialities:

Our multi-disciplined, highly-experienced Team of Engineers work on a wide range of systems and sites in the leisure and hospitality sector, and are backed-up by a hand-selected group of contractors for more specialist services such as Catering and Controls. They can offer routine maintenance and testing, emergency repair response as well as full installation services for refurbishments and new building works.

For more information on our Leisure and Hospitality services, feel free to browse our website or give us a call any time.

A photograph looking over the foyer of one of our Sites in Ascot
We can adhere to the most stringent requirements our Clients give us, working in the toughest environments.

Flawless Delivery in all Environments

You want your supply chain to be highly responsive and meet the highest specifications; Aquaheat Services can mobilise our specialist skills and work under tight pressure to maintain your equipment at peak performance at all times. From hotels to sports facilities, from historical sites to exhibitions our creative approach integrates a broad range of services, enabling us to support our Clients' objectives.

Aquaheat Services offer a total solution for mechanical services within your leisure or hospitality site, providing a complete suite of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing services combined with expert management of information identifying faults, recommending repairs and preventing downtime. We will ensure high-quality workmanship at all times, delivering consistent mechanical services all day, every day.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our PPM programmes for leisure and hospitality providers have not only reduced maintenance costs, but also minimised incidents and breakdowns, closures due to downtime and risks for building users. We can also offer a full service approch, assisting management in creating business cases to replace recommended plant, demonstrating best-value solutions when, but only when, services become uneconomic and expensive to maintaain.

Our top quality planned maintenance programs include

  • Full servicing to manufacturer's instructions and industry best-practice
  • Simple traffic-light system for risk classification
  • Evaluating performance against norms and environment
  • Full method statements for all works undertaken
  • Full reports available 24/7

Aquaheat Services is dedicated to providing its Clients with the tools to manage, understand, and improve the services on their Sites. We understand that many of our Commercial Clients are not facilities managers, and the task of managing the mechanical services within the building needs to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. is your single-point source for information about all the services we provide for you across your mechanical systems with a complete overview, as well as precise information about individual appliances.

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Emergency Response

Aquaheat Services know that you may operate unusual hours, late at night, over the weekend, almost every day and we are dedicated to maintining it that way. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown you can be sure that our dedicated team of engineers are available at a moments' notice to return your equipment to opeational standard as soon as possible so that you can go on amazing your Clients. We can then provide reports and recommendations that can help you to remove the original risk from the system in the future.

Our response times will depend on your environment, but we can offer service levels as quick as 2-hour response to emergencies as part of a full servicing and maintenance contract.

A photograph of State Water Heaters in a large Hotel near Gatwick
With new ErP regulations, condensing Water Heaters like these State units are becoming more prevalant.

Solutions for Hotels

Balancing energy use against visitor comfort is a primary concern for hoteliers and those in the leisure and hospitality industry as a whole. Energy costs are the second highest operating cost elemtn in the industry, and over half of those energy costs are related to heating and cooling.

Aquaheat Services understand therefore, that keeping heating and costs down is a big part of hotels remaining profitable, but this must be balanced against providing hotel visitors with the comfort they request. Consistent and desirable temperatures, quiet unit operation and superior air quality lead to visitor satisfaction, and this is best achieved through regular servicing and quality, targeted recommendations.

Hot Water provision is equally important, and a large focus of energy savings as well as efficiency gains. Aquaheat Services can offer a wide variety of solutions for increasing hot water reliability and efficiency, as well as solutions to limit legionella risks and stored water quantity.


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For more information on our Leisure and Hospitality services, feel free to browse our website or give us a call any time.