Working with Homeowners

If you want the best from your heating system at home, call the experts who work in the toughest environments on the biggest boilers.

From Industrial Boiler to Domestic Appliance

Our Engineers have worked in a vast array of installations, from the largest boiler installations, to the smallest boilers in Flats and Homes and we pride ourselves on offering the same dedication to quality and care throughout all environments and sites. All boilers have their own perculiarities, and domestic boilers are no different, but our experience allows our Engineers to see beyond the mundane to the unusual, and through to the problem and then the solution.

Some parts of working in someone's home are different to working commercially, but our engineers understand that and can work flexibly around your work commitments, will always take their shoes off at the door, and will very rarely say no to a cup of tea.

Our specialities:

Our multi-disciplined, highly-experienced team of engineers work on a wide range of systems and sites in the residential sector, and are backed-up by a hand-selected group of contractors specialising in domestic services. They can offer routine maintenance and testing, emergency repair response as well as full installation services for refurbishments and new building works.

For more information on our Residential services, feel free to browse our website or give us a call any time.

A photograph of a burner alight
Thorough servicing is extremely important to limit heating and hot water issues.

Gas Servicing

Our Boiler Servicing programmes for Residential buildings do not just reduce maintenance costs, but also minimises incidents and breakdowns, and therefore inconvenience. We fully inspect all appliances, as well as any ancillary equipment such as pumps and tanks, cylinders and general pipework and valves and give a full report on all of this equipment as well as its operation. This identifies any problems that may come upon the property in the months to come and give everybody the oppurtunity to plan ahead.

Our top quality planned maintenance programs include:

  • Full servicing to manufacturer's instructions and industry best-practice
  • Simple traffic-light system for risk classification
  • Evaluating performance against norms and environment
  • Full method statements for all works undertaken
  • Full reports available 24/7

Emergency Response

Aquaheat Services know your home needs to be the right temperature at all times, and that when it is not it makes everything more difficult. Therefore, when something happens you can be sure that our team of dedicated engineers are available at a moments' notice to get you operational again as soon as possible, and importantly, provide reports and recommendations that can help you remove the original risk from the system in the future.

Our response times will depend on your environment, but we can offer service levels as quick as 4-hour response to emergencies as part of a full servicing and maintenance contract.

A photograph of Johann and a new Vaillant GreenIQ we installed in Reading
In the unfortunate situation where you need a new boiler, we can always help with the perfect solution.


Aquaheat Services are dedicated to maximising the life-span of all your mechanical services, but sometimes you will need new appliances or ancillary equipment and the decision can be of great importance. You need to know that your investment in time and money is well spent and that you will be getting not only the best equipment, but the best installation of that equipment. You want to know:

  • What is the most suitable system or appliance to have installed?
  • Are there any new solutions for your mechanical need?
  • What is the best solution from a sustainability perspective?
  • What are the advantages of a new system over the old?

We are here to help you through what can be a difficult process; we offer bespoke, quality installation services and our Team will be on hand to guide you through every step of your new installation. We provice advice, consultations and guidance from our initial quotation through to installation, to post-completion support and onward into continual support and our lifetime guarantee.

Our quality, underpinned by our accreditations and quality assurance terms, has been designed to give you peace of mind throughout the installation. For more information on our Residential services, feel free to browse our website or give us a call any time.