Coronavirus Response

As COVID-19 spreads through the Thames Valley and beyond, we need to support each other more than ever.

Our Response to Coronavirus

As COVID-19 spreads through the Thames Valley and beyond, it will likely affect everyone at some point (even those who believe themselves immortal). Fortunately, we are resilient as a group and can get through it but we will need to support each other more than ever.

At Aquaheat Services, looking after our Clients and our Employees is as always our top priority. To do this as effectively as possible through the next few months we will be working hard to prioritise emergencies and put the needs of our most vulnerable Clients first no matter what.

What about my Appointment?

All routine and non-emergency appointments have been or shall shortly be cancelled. You will of course be made aware of this cancellation as per our normal processes. Unfortunately, as you can imagine we are sure we cannot during this process rearrange the appointments as we do not know when the lockdown will end and it will be safe to resume work. As soon as the safety measures are limited, we will update this page and get all appointments rebooked as soon as practicable.

If you are concerned at the cancellation of appointments, or believe your issue is now an emergency, please feel free to contact us any time and we will help as much as possible.

Emergency Response

Our Engineers will always been available to help if you have an emergency and this is considered essential works.

There are two groups of Clients where Government Guidance suggests contact should be minimised even further:

Of course, we do not currently have data to allow us to detmine whether you fall into these categories. What we will do to help limit the spread of the virus and to protect our Clients and Engineers is ask you if you do fall into these categories as politely as possible and if you do we will endeavour to fix your problem over the phone if at all possible but we will never refuse to attend an Emergency if required.

Local Assistance

In order to pull together during these hard times, our Engineers will endeavour to assist their local community as much as possible throughout Thatcham, Tilehurst and Farnborough in order to stay local and help those most vulnerable who may not usually use our services.

Protecting our Clients and Engineers

When an Engineer does visit your Site, they will obviously start taking additional precautions. This will include hand-washing before, if required during and after the appointment to help protect against spreading any virus to you or from you (don't worry if your Engineer does not look as dirty as normal, they will have been working hard same as always). They will always keep a safe distance away from you any anyone else on Site as much as possible, politely, and we ask if you could assist them in doing this by maintaining social distancing.

If any of our Engineers are exibiting symptoms they will be required to self-isolate and will not be sent out to your Sites for the appropriately recommended amount of time. Currently, thankfully, none have had to self-isolate.

Thank you

We thank you for being an Aquaheat Services Client, and we wish you and your family the best through this difficult time.